Perfecting Community Development Corporation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the revitalization of the community.  Its goal is to ignite economic growth, provide quality education, offer transitional housing for women & men and provide recreational activities for youth.

Perfecting Community Development Corporation was founded in 1992.  Our first endeavor was to spawn economic development in the community by establishing a business that would employ residents of the surrounding neighborhood.  Perfect Copies, a state of the art print and copy shop opened for business in 1994.  Perfect Copies provided its customers with custom printing, digital color copies, advance layout & design services, computer rentals, fax services, typesetting and resume services.

Realizing the blight in the inner city, homelessness has become a capital concern in every major city in America.  Perfecting Community Development Corporation devised a plan to combat this growing dilemma.  The Amelia Agnes Transitional Home is the first of several transitional homes to offer women (with or without children) a clean and safe environment to begin again with dignity and respect.  In addition to housing, residents continue their educational goals, secure employment and become productive citizens.

With shrinking budgets and less government involvement, the future of our communities will be encumbered upon the charitable, non-profit organizations of our country; in particular our business community.  Perfecting Community Development Corporation is one of those organizations.