The SOAR Program offers youth ages 16-21 opportunities to build & develop employment/trade skills by empowering them to identify and embrace their strengths, talents and abilities through the use of innovative classroom based life-skills curriculum, career exploration, and hands-on work experience.

The SOAR Program encourages youth to dream and turn dreams into reality by developing personal goals, evaluating progress and strengthening their innate abilities.   We teach youth to become serious about establishing skills that will assist them with acquiring and maintaining a legal source of income and employment which will contribute to personal development and business etiquette prior to post-secondary education, while preparing them for long term career goal success.  Additionally, these skills will increase youth leadership abilities, help youth identify prospective wealth building opportunities, and assist youth in gaining confidence in their employability skills.

The SOAR Program promotes healthy lifestyle choices and requires youth to commit to a mandatory drug & alcohol prevention program, and nutrition workshops leading to increased positive decision-making skills.  Youth are also required to participate in workshops including but not limited to personal financial and business skills through activities focusing on financial literacy, business, social responsibilities, economics, entrepreneurship, ethics/character, work-related life skills/career development, entrepreneurship instruction, and hands on activities.